Christmas gifting made easy

December 2, 2016

Christmas gifting made easy

Christmas is quickly approaching and with it the exchange of gifts. It can be a challenge to find the right thing for family and friends, but there is an art to gift giving. Giving gifts is a type of communication and is a chance to make the recipient feel special, it just takes a little thought and planning. 

To make this easy, Plumm has an option for everyone and can help you find the perfect glass for your loved one. 

What is their preferred wine? Plumm is designed for wine, so first consider the style of wine they like to drink, then use the glass palate to select the Plumm glass to match.  If they love Sauv Blanc, the White A will bring out the aromatics perfectly, but if they usually drink Chardonnay, then the White B shape will allow the wine to breathe and reveal the complexity of the wine.  Each Plumm glass is made with a particular style of wine in mind in order to capture its essence. Some wines are acidic, others are tannic, and some are even sweet. So the glasses are shaped to allow the wine to reach the appropriate area of your tongue to bring out the best in every sip. 

What is their lifestyle? If they like to entertain alfresco, the Plumm Outdoor polycarbonate range will be perfect at a picnic or poolside.  Or do they enjoy a glass of wine each night?  The Plumm Vintage range shows you think they deserve this little luxury every day.  For those who are just setting up home the versatility of Plumm Stemless will be perfect.  And for the serious wine lovers who like to cellar wine or splurge on great vintages for special occasions, Plumm Handmade will make their experience even more special.

The cut-off date for Christmas for online orders to ensure that the correct order is delivered is 9th December.