Cure Singapore

January 27, 2016

Cure Singapore

Former Esquina head chef, Andrew Walsh, has traded fine dining for ‘bistronomy’ at Singapore’s Cure Restaurant. It’s back to the basics of hospitality here, hence the name; Cure. It comes from the Latin curare, meaning “to take care of”. 

Bistronomy is a growing trend of pared back gastronomy; fine dining techniques in the kitchen presented in a more casual setting. Walsh’s seasonal, ever changing menu draws on the best ingredients, gathered by a variety of local and global artisans, and presents them in affordable tasting menus featuring predominantly British and Irish produce. His plating is all about highlighting the produce, putting the spotlight on no more than 3-4 key ingredients at a time.

These seasonal flavours are crisply paired with a sharp drinks list which includes a reserve wine list of hard to source vintage wines for connoisseurs. Also available is a carefully selected variety of wines, beers and spirits, along with cocktails created by Joel Fraser.

The space is small, narrow and modern, and while it’s not an open kitchen with a bar that people can dine at, the kitchen is still open to the restaurant for all to see. Cure’s quietly austere shop house setting is a gorgeous – albeit minimally embellished – interior with charcoal grey walls adorned with enormous planks of grey canvases.​