April 12, 2019


Hola, wine lovers. This month we’re getting ready to tango with Argentina’s favourite red, Malbec. It’s originally from Bordeaux and surrounding regions in France but was always the underdog, left for blending. Fortunately for us, it found a new home in Argentina with some of the world’s best examples from the Mendoza region.

Now recognised as Argentina’s flagship variety it’s is celebrated each year on April 17th – Malbec World Day – as the transformation of their wine industry and an important cultural icon. Throughout all of April events and activities are held the world over to toast its success.

Known for big, juicy, berry driven and plush flavours and a very distinctive purple hue it’s one to try if you normally reach for the Shiraz or Cab Sauv.

Wondering what to eat with it? The bold flavours and robust structure of Malbec make it excellent for barbecue, Argentinian of course, so try a charcoal grilled steak with chimichurri sauce.

There are some great events in Australia for Malbec World Day. REVEL’s Gauchito Gil is on In Melbourne this Saturday and Sydney on Sunday with over 100 wines on tasting. Head to their website for more details.