Vue De Monde

May 1, 2016

Vue De Monde

We are proud to release our newest addition to the range, the Plumm Champagne glass. This handmade, mouth-blown glass has been designed exclusively for Louis Roederer’s Cristal Champagne.

Designed by Plumm in collaboration with Sommeliers at Vue de Monde, the Plumm Champagne glass enhances the enjoyment of drinking the world’s finest vintage Champagne.  The glass features a tulip-shaped bowl and flared lip to accentuate the delicate aromatics in Pinot Noir dominant Champagne, such as Louis Roederer’s prestige cuvée, Cristal.  

The glass was launched over lunch at Vue de Monde to an intimate gathering of media, industry and influencers.  Cindi Dean, Director of Plumm said of the glass, “It was such an enjoyable journey working with Vue de Monde, arguably Melbourne’s best restaurant to create the perfect shape for drinking premium vintage Champagne.” 

To experience this glass for yourself, visit Vue de Monde and treat yourself to a glass of Cristal.

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